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My love of the Rhodesian Ridgeback began back in the  late 90's when I acquired my first  Rhodesian Ridgeback " Kouta " from Dinazulu in Vic. Kouta or Kouties as I would call him was light wheaten in colour and the most sweetest gentle  natured boy who as an older pup fitted right in to my family with 2 young children at the time. I had actually gone to look at Kouta's brother ( Rocky - if my memory is correct ) who I thought was magnificent, but as I was watching this gorgeous boy at play I noticed this sweet boy calmly standing by my side. As we ventured inside I was followed by this boy that hadn't left my side, as we sat down to chat, Kouta lay in front of me with his head on my feet. His breeder noticed and informed me he didn't do that to anyone ever other than her husband. It was then we decided Kouta had chosen me and my choice was irrelevant, a choice well made.


In 2009 I grew interest in showing and longed for another Rhodesian Ridgeback and so we  welcomed into our family Amaan a red wheaten boy from Leoamani Kennels in Vic. In all honesty I thought I would show him for a while and more than likely lose interest in showing.... You don't know unless you give it a go right? Well that was 9 years ago!

My eldest daughter, 11yrs old at the time, had lost interest in Pony Club and was enjoying showing Amaan. So she decided to sell her pony and purchase a puppy for herself to show......Every little girl wants a pony did not apply here. So in 2010 we welcomed into our family, Nandi a lovely liver nosed girl from Jomeja Hounds in QLD.

With the kids, and I all enjoying our weekends out with our 2 dogs  showing, and my sudden interest in reading books, reading every Rhodesian Ridgeback book my Late Husband would buy me. I went on to doing my breeders accreditation for educational reasons rather than for the wanting to breed, as at the time breeding Rhodesian Ridgebacks was not in my immediate thoughts. I chose Shangoridge as my Prefix, and what did Shangoridge mean to me.....The beginning.

Amman ( Leoamani Shango Amaan) had been the beginning of what direction life was about to take me, and so my Prefix became Shangoridge - Shango ( the African God of Thunder) from Amaan's name and ridge from Ridgeback.

It was not till 2 years later in mid 2012 our first Shangoridge litter was born, from who we kept our girl Zuri. Early 2013 our second litter gave us Buzz  and we also welcomed Nellis ( Jomeja Van Rooyen) into our family. Late 2013 tragedy hit our family followed by the loss of young Nellis at 6mths of age and the loss of Amaan in 2014. We sold our property and moved to Bright Vic where life got in the way of showing and for a 4 year period we entered only 2 shows.

2017 we welcomed Jomo into our family and moved back to western Victoria and purchased our current rural property  with plenty of room for our Ridgebacks. 2018 brought us our 3rd litter from who we kept our girl Mella. Mella has started her show career with some local shows and we look forward to getting out and about showing this gorgeous little youngster.

Shangoridge's Rhodesian Ridgebacks are part of our family and are raised in a rural family home environment with both children and adults along with exposure/socialisation with other family pets and livestock. Shangoridge aim to breed true to type Rhodesian Ridgeback both for the show ring and as loyal family pets and companions. We receive great enjoyment from our dogs and puppies we breed along with the friendsships made with the families of our puppies and some fellow exhibitor and breeders of our breed and the guidance offered from those exhibitors and breeders but  most of all  the guidance and support received from Jomeja Hounds through the years.


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